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Hitac Trading

Helmy International Trading Agri Crops.

Specialized in the trade of vegetables and fruits. 
we also export Spices.
We have own farms in Egypt .
We have The finest types of fruits and vegetables .

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In the beginning it was a dream and a goal for our family to enter the agricultural field and already in 2000 we owned the first piece of desert land and we reclaimed and planted it with various agricultural crops .
Since our inception we have always strived to plant on the latest methods. 
In 2003 we bought another piece of land and planted it with perennial fruit trees .
Then we expanded over the years and in 2005 we expanded the cultivation of desert land in northern Egypt. 
Over the past years we have gained many experiences in this area. 
We have already established in 2016, Hitac Trading Company for Import and Export and Land Reclamation and Commercial Agencies, which is a family company through which we seek to reach our high quality and carefully cultivated products to all over the world.
Helmy International Trading Agri Crops.

Mahmoud Helmy

Ceo founder

Phone: 00201022275025
          : 00201100331487

Area No 3 , Block No 50 , Elsadat City , ELmonfia Governorate , Egypt

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