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Egyptian Lemon Export

Hitak- Mahmoud Helmi Import and Export Company and its companies export Egyptian lemons of the highest quality in the Egyptian market and we also have the required quantities.

Egyptian Lemon Export

What distinguishes us from the rest of our competitors in terms of exporting Egyptian lemons?

We have large quantities which are characterized by competitive prices in need of large quantities only.

We also have the finest lemons in the Egyptian market and we are among the few who own huge quantities of lemons and we also have many large farms in northern Egypt that are characterized by the export of Egyptian lemons

Our lemon storage is at the highest eu standards to ensure that its quality is maintained for as long as possible

What also distinguishes us is that we are a union that includes many success partners from inside and outside Egypt.

We also have partners in many Arab countries such as Amman and Jordan

And we have many partners in European countries like Belgium, Germany and England.

We also have some partners in Russia, Ukraine, Canada and America.

Hitak company is honored to have its success partners outside Egypt

In addition to

We choose our partners with great care to increase our chances of success.

Our partners have a good reputation.

Our suppliers are also well-known and we have been dealing with each other for more than three years.

Other products are available in large quantities to us

We have large quantities of high quality Egyptian onions .

We also have large quantities of high quality export garlic .

Large quantities of potatoes are also available for export ready for export

All the products we have are of high quality for the sake of our reputation first.

And in order to satisfy our customers inside and outside Egypt

We are working with the supply of some of the largest factories working in the Arab Republic of Egypt

Some information about the lemon tree from Wikipedia

The lemon tree is usually small, the highest length you can reach is about six meters.

The fruit is oval in shape, yellow in color, tastes sour. Lemon juice is commonly used in cooking, and lemons are used to add flavor to drinks such as lemonade or some soft drinks.


To make sure our reputation and that of our suppliers, you can only get all the details through telephone contact or whatsapp.

Or through e-mail.

Or through facebook page messages

Our communications are on our contact page and we don't have any other means of communication.

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