Egypt ‘s exports of oranges grow to an unprecedented level!!

oranges export
oranges export

If you want to know an overview of the economic transformations that will happen in the future as a result of the current crisis, you must know the following information:
1 – The Corona crisis has become revolving around issues of immunity, public health and proper nutrition

2 – Doctors advise everywhere that our daily meals should contain vitamins

3 – People translated these hadiths, it is advice to buy oranges in large quantities

4 – So the demand for oranges rises sharply all over the world

5 – But the supply of oranges decreases due to curfews,

travel, aviation and transport measures in the producing and exporting countries

6 – As a result of higher demand and lower supply, the global orange price increased by 26.3% from the beginning of the Corona crisis to March 31.

7 – Egypt is the world’s largest producer and exporter of oranges,

with a share of 38% of the world’s exports, totaling 1.7 million tons annually

The Egyptian economy

Some of the reasons that prompted Egypt to top the world in exports of vegetables and fruits

And also increased the required quantities in the rest of the vegetables and fruits
It is also expected that Egypt will top the exports of vegetables and fruits this year because of its resistance to enable it to do so, and also because of the government’s instrument of laws that help companies exporting vegetables and fruits to extract procedures more quickly

In addition to the prevention of emerging corona virus

Also, one of the reasons that prompted Egypt to increase its exports of vegetables and fruits in general is that the state cultivated over a million and a half acres of agricultural crops.
And the establishment of more than 100 thousand greenhouses, which provide many crops as well

Egypt now have a great time and it’ll more better than now.