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Oranges in egypt

Oranges in Egypt is characterized by a good world reputation , as Egypt is on the export of the orange for two consecutive years, Valencia and Navel oranges is the most famous types in the Market with best Prices and quality , we’re a group of Suppliers and Exporters company in Egypt .


Oranges Egypt

Specifications of the Egyptian orange

  • Style:Fresh
  • Product Type:Citrus Fruit
  • Type:Orange
  • Cultivation Type:Common
  • Color:Orange Yellow
  • Certification:ISO
  • Grade:Grade
  • Maturity:Mature
  • Size (cm):42 & 48 & 56 & 64 & 72 & 80 & 88 & 100 & 113 &125
  • Weight (kg):8 -15
  • Origin:Egypt
  • Brand Name:Hitac Citrus
  • Model Number:Orange
  • Certificate:ISO
  • Origin:Egypt
  • Taste:Delicious
  • Packing:Client’s Requirements
  • Freight:air sea
  • Product Name:orange
  • Description:Fresh EGYPTION ORANGE
  • Shape:Oval-round

Navel oranges

so This is an important group of fresh fruit orange varieties due to its high quality.

And Navel oranges have a navel-like structure at the stylar end or apex, which is a rudimentary secondary fruit embedded in the primary fruit.

 Navel oranges fruits are ovate to oblong in shape.

So Most navel oranges, particularly the ‘Washington navel’ orange variety, the most widely grown navel cultivar in the world, are ellipsoid or obovate in shape.

In addition to navel oranges surface is generally smooth and is moderately pitted and pebbled.

The fruits are mostly large and seedless.

And Other common navel oranges are Navelate, Palmer, etc but Orange-colored fruits are juicy and seedless with aromatic flesh.

They are excellent for fresh fruit market, but do not keep well on the tree, not adapted to hot arid climate.

Valencia oranges egypt

Primarily grown for processing and orange juice production, Valencia oranges have seeds, varying in number from zero to nine per fruit.

Its excellent taste and internal color make it desirable for the fresh fruit markets, too.

The fruit has an average diameter of 2.7 to 3 inches (69 to 76 mm; 6.9 to 7.6 cm), and a piece of this fruit which weighs 96 grams (3.4 oz) has 45 calories and 9 grams of sugar.

 After bloom, it usually carries two crops on the tree, the old and the new.

The commercial harvest season in Florida runs from March to June.

Worldwide, Valencia oranges are prized as the only variety of orange in season during summer.

Furthermore, Valencia oranges bring benefits because of the vitamin C and flavonoids contained.

In 2012, the genome of the orange was sequenced, and was found to have with 29,445 protein-coding genes.

the sweet orange originat from a backcross hybrid between pummelo and mandarin orange.

The Valencia oranges undergoes nucellar embryony in both fertilized and unfertilized conditions of the ovule.

about Oranges in Egypt market


Oranges egypt

Oranges are of great importance to the Egyptian market in general and to companies operating in the field of export

And the Egyptian oranges market is increasing and expanding significantly
As Egypt ranks first in the world in exporting oranges
This encouraged the Egyptian producers and farmers to increase the area planted from oranges significantly

Egypt Oranges prices

so The prices of oranges is determin according to the packing.

as the prices of oranges is more expensive when choosing specific packing and we are ready for that
so Our quality is not affect by the price as we are the best quality in the Egyptian market, and this is the secret of our continuity and good reputation
For oranges prices, please contact us because the prices are variable.

Oranges company egypt

as a result Hitac trading is an oranges export company in egypt .

we`re ready for your Orders.

We could loading 20 container / a week .

About Egypt oranges exporters

We, exporters of oranges in Egypt and we seek to open new markets and increase the quantity of Egyptian oranges exported
and Egypt oranges exporters also seek to increase oranges exported to European countries, to China and to the United States of America

so we`re orange exporters in egypt

and we also have many Egyptian oranges exporters that have a great reputation ز

About Egypt oranges suppliers

so We are working as oranges suppliers for some export companies in Egypt as well
As we are committed to supplying oranges with the highest specifications
And we supply oranges and guarantee their quality

and we have many oranges suppliers in Egypt

Egypt oranges export

article from Egyptindependent about Egypt orange export

Egypt has topped the list of countries that export oranges for the second year in a row, with exports totaling 1.7 million tons in 2019, accounting for 38 percent of the global exports of oranges in 2019, according to ASWAQ Financial company.

and it planted upwards of 12 million orange trees with a production capacity of 3.4 million tons of oranges, a three percent increase when compared to numbers in 2018.

as a result farmers had boosted efforts to plant orange trees to meet global demand for the citrus fruit, taking advantage of the climate in Egypt, which is conducive to growing orange trees.

Egypt increased the orange trees planted by 44 percent, or 1.05 million tons, during the past ten years, compared to 2.4 million tons recorded in 2009.

Spain, which ranked first among countries exporting oranges before 2018, came in second in 2019, after traders reduced the volume of orange exports amid orange prices falling by 23 percent, standing between 12 and 18 cents per kilo.

Egypt’s exports were valued at $US 662 million in 2019, increasing by two percent compared to $US 646 million recorded the previous year.

So Russia topped the list of countries importing oranges grown in Egypt, with Russian imports of Egyptian oranges reaching 284,000 tons, followed by Saudi Arabia at 271,000 tons, China at 214,000 tons, and the Netherlands at 130,000 tons.

So The European Union, Russia, China, Saudi Arabia, Hong Kong, and Iraq were listed among the biggest importers of oranges worldwide,

with global exports totaling 4.7 million tons.

So Egypt’s Ministry of Agriculture managed to open new global markets to increase the export of oranges in 2019, such as in New Zealand,

with Egypt’s Agriculture Minister announcing in June 2019 an agreement to export Egyptian oranges to the country.

Egypt successfully opened up 12 new foreign markets to more than 20 varieties of Egyptian agricultural products last year,

and the country was also able to reduce additional inspections imposed by countries in the European Union,

But according to Head of the Central Department of Agricultural Quarantine at the Ministry of Agriculture Ahmed el-Attar.

In statements to Al-Masry Al-Youm, Attar added that the ban on all Egyptian exports to the Arab Gulf countries had been lifted

and that Egyptian exports of onions to Saudi Arabia have also resumed.

According to a report from the Ministry of Agriculture and Land Reclamation,

 So Egyptian agricultural exports increased to more than five million tons between January and December 2019

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