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Citrus export company in egypt

Video of our work as a citrus exporters plus an export company in Egypt

HITAC TRADING Company is one of the largest citrus exporters in Egypt.we could afford any quantity from oranges & mangoes & lemons & grapefruit and Mandarin

We have been working in the field of citrus export since 6 years and we are honored to be one of the leading companies in the field of citrus export in Egypt.

citrus export company

Citrus exporters in egypt since 2016 , 2022 is our 6 year .

base that can provide any quantities of citrus in record time and the highest quality available in the Egyptian market, and is also known for Egyptian citrus distinguishes them from the rest of the world citrus high quality and availability in the Egyptian market in huge quantities, making Egypt in the forefront of countries Which exports citrus worldwide

Citrus export company

We could afford any quantity from citrus like oranges & mangoes & lemons & grapefruits

1- orange

Navel oranges
Citrus export company

First: Oranges exports by Countries from

Below are the 15 countries that sold the highest dollar value worth of oranges on international markets during 2018.

  1. Spain: US$1.3 billion (24.3%)
  2. South Africa: $770.2 million (14.4%)
  3. Egypt: $666.3 million (12.5%)
  4. United States: $625 million (11.7%)
  5. Netherlands: $296.9 million (5.6%)
  6. Australia: $230.4 million (4.3%)
  7. Hong Kong: $169.9 million (3.2%)
  8. Greece: $161.7 million (3%)
  9. Turkey: $161.4 million (3%)
  10. Italy: $128.6 million (2.4%)
  11. Portugal: $115.3 million (2.2%)
  12. China: $107.5 million (2%)
  13. Morocco: $84.4 million (1.6%)
  14. Chile: $84.1 million (1.6%)
  15. United Arab Emirates: $48.6 million (0.9%)

Second : why you should import Egyptian oranges

First, because Egypt exports huge quantities every year, Egypt is the third highest country in the world. This year we aim to make Egypt the largest exporter of oranges worldwide

Details for Oranges

Specifications and details 

Product Name : Orange

Type :                   Vallincia / Navel / Balady

Packing :             Carton / Box Plastic / Benz

Unite Weight:     Net Weight 15 KG /Gross Weight 16 KG 

                              Net Weight 7 KG / Gross Weight 8 KG 

One Container 40 ft 24 Ton / 20 Pallet 

2- mangoes

Mangoes images

Citrus export company Mangoes
Citrus export company Mangoes for export
Citrus export company Mangoes exporters
Iqf mangoes

Details for mango

We could afford many types of Mangos like Keit – Kent – kit -Mabroka – Naaomy – Hendy – Balmar- Taymor – Tommy- R2- Alfonse – Sokary – Zebdya – Awaes – sedekka – Yasmina .

All products comes with the best quality and good price.

We always make sure that our products accordance with the european specifications .

Mango Caliber 350 Gm and up .

We packing our product in a carton or accordance to your need but we prefer a carton .

Each carton have 5Kg or As Client Request .

the Container 40 ft could have 20 ton .

Why you should import mangoes from us ?!

Because we exports many types of mango, namely the Tymor, Awees, Indian, AlFons, Zebdia, Sukaria,kent,naomey ,Kihat and Senara types, to several European countries.

And Egypt Successfully planted in diversified spots of land, mango is cultivated on 33,904 acres throughout the country.

We always make sure that our products accordance with the european specifications .

Mango Caliber 350 Gm and up .

We packing our product in a carton or accordance to your need but we prefer a carton .

Each carton have 5Kg or As Client Request .

the Container 40 ft could have 20 ton .

3- mandarin

We export Mandarin with the best quality
We always make sure that our products accordance with the European specifications.

So we export Mandarin from our farms and from some suppliers and always make sure that our products are of the highest quality in order to maintain our reputation first and in order to satisfy our customers .

Our company have exported Mandarin to a number of European countries including Belgium, England, Germany and some Arab countries as well

Hitac company can provide the required quantities of the highest quality because we have been working in the export market since four years and we have enough experience in that.
Our company have Mandarin suppliers working with them for more than four years on good experience with European specifications and are fully familiar with working with us and what we want from the specifications.
In addition to our own farms we use our suppliers in case of huge quantities .We always provide the best prices in the market while maintaining the quality of course.
Also have a customer base we have been working with for more than three years and this is due to their confidence in us and to our quality and prices that do not compare.
more information about Mandarin in wikipediaMandarin

Mandarin For export images

Export Mandarin
Mandarin In carton
Mandarin For export

Specifications and details For mandarin

Product Name : Mandarin

Type                   : Mandarin / clementine / fremont

Packing             : 8 kg standard Carton / Plastic Box

Shipping           : One Container 40 hc takes 24 Ton / 20 Pallet 

                             The number of pallets per container 20 pallets

                             Every pallet have 80 cartons

                             number of Carton  per container 1600 pallets

More information about mandarin from

Clementine, Mandarin, Tangerine, Satsuma 
Citrus reticulata, 
Family: Rutaceae

Description & storage 
Orange: Round thick skinned juicy edible fruit that is a reddish-yellow color when ripe.

Mandarin types: type of small orange with loose skin.

Store them at 12 degrees Celcius (=57o F) or if you like in the refrigerator. This is nice when you use them for squeezing.

Orange trees are evergreen trees. They grow 8 to 15 m. high.

The mandarin tree grows up to 7,5 m. high.

The kumquat plant is a shrub that grows up to 4m. high.

Sweety: see grapefruits.

Short history 
The orange is cultivated over thousands of years now. It is supposed to originate from South- and indo-China.

The clergyman Pierre Clement crossed a mandarin and an orange and this luckily crossing 
was a seedless mandarin with a looser skin thus easier to peel: the clementine. (beginning of the 20th century).

The satsuma is a special crossing from Japan. 

Oranges are eaten by hand and squeezed a lot.

Mandarins are eaten by hand and can be used to squeeze as well. A great sweetner for grapefruit juice.

Kumquats are eaten raw withe the edible skin,

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